Becoming a plumber in Stafford

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Now I’m from Stafford and it’s originally where I learned my trade of becoming a plumber. Truth is no matter where you live whether you’re looking to become plumbers in Stafford or Stoke-on-Trent or any other city in the UK, plumbers are always in demand. Plumbing is an excellent trade to learn whether your plans are living in the UK or traveling abroad, there is always a need for someone who can repair pipes or repair gas boilers.

Training to become a plumber in Stafford

Now one of the most common questions that I get asked, is how do you actually training to become a plumber? Well there is a definite route that you can take, many colleges and training places offer courses that when completed will equip you with edit skills that are necessary. The truth is still that you also require on the job experience in order to pass these courses, if you were simply let lease at plumbing and didn’t really know what you were doing it is very possible that someone could end up heard or that you could do a very bad job.

It is particularly important to learn how to fit boilers properly when you’re becoming a plumber, and incorrectly fitted boiler is one of the most injuries objects to have in any home. You should always rely on qualified and trained professionals to fit, service or replace your boiler.

What is of particular interest to people is finding out how they are going to get coming work Wednesday are a qualified plumber in Stoke on Trent. as with any type of business, plumbing included, the best way to get new business is through word of mouth, when you’re starting out this will be your friendship groups and Friends of your friends, as news of your hopefully positive reputation begins to spread you will find that people will naturally start approaching.

Other than this using the Internet and blogs such as this is an excellent way to get the word out about what you were doing. Directory listings such as the Yellow Pages and yelp are A great way of reaching new customers, especially if you’re doing a good job and people begin to leave you positive reviews.

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Woodwork and working with oak beams

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As well as being a plumber one of my favorite hobbies is woodwork and working with beautiful woods such as oak beams and reclaimed wood like these. going back to my very first post, if you have an interesting hobby such as this, then you can easily turn this type of thing into a blog that can have a large readership audience.

Working with oak beams

there is nothing more satisfying for me then creating a piece of furniture out of oak or oak beams. Just one look at my home and you would know that I am a woodwork enthusiasts. This is a hobby that I would encourage anyone to take up, there is something extremely liberating and rewarding about working with wood, in material that has been sourced naturally from the earth. There is literally an old limits to what you can make, if you want to make something simple such as a wooden box then it can be a great item to get you started.

Contrary to popular belief woodwork is not an expensive hobby to get started in. You don’t need to go out and buy yourself top of the range brand-new equipment, you can often find cheap woodworking tools that are perfect for oak beams in places such as charity shops. Added to this depending on what you are making you do not necessarily need a set of complicated tools. Some things that you will probably need and are essential art files, chisels and wooden mallets.

There’s nothing better than having a day off work, for example a Saturday and starting a project where you are working with oak. In my spare time I have built oak porches and worked with oak cladding which has really added character to my home. I am also in the process of building myself a home extension where I will be using structural wood such as oak to ensure that my building work stays standing.

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Starting your own lifestyle blog

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Whatever your interests are, there’s always someone out there who wants to read about them or someone who could do with a little advice on something that you know about. Take me for example, this blog receives several hundreds of hits a week, a figure that continues to amaze me.

Getting started with your own blog

The first step to starting a blog is to pick a topic that you know enough about, that you can write several articles on. Thinking about what you enjoy and what things get you excited can be a really great exercise in helping you decide. For me, my interest is DIY and doing things like laying your own oak beams as well as doing things like plumbing but for you it may be completely different. When I started writing for a variety of blogs, I wasn’t really sure what to write about, so I thought about what my interests were and what I found interesting and the writing just started to flow.

plumber stafford

A rich vein for a writing topic can often be your job. If you’ve worked in specific field such as plumbing or accounting for a long period of time, you will no doubt have amassed specific knowledge that others don’t have. Sharing this insider information is what really gets people interested, particularly if you can inject your own passion into the writing. Even if you don’t have a specific interest though, there can still be plenty to blog about, for example, blog about your holidays, what you do on a daily basis and pepper the blog with pictures to really get people involved in your writing.

How do you get started with blogging?

Blogging can be free. There is a whole world wide web of companies out there that offer free blogging platforms, WordPress is one of the bigger ones that is particularly beginner friendly. Not only do they provide you with you own blog and a layout that you can customise but they also give you the option to upgrade to making your blog a fully fledged website should you choose to.

There’s a pretty large range of blogging platforms out there that are all waiting for your business, my advice would be to just get out there and start trying a few of them. You’ll find that once you start writing you’ll become addicted and it’ll be pretty hard to stop!

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